Common problems for European companies doing business in the US when faced with spare parts sales.

Are your OEM spare parts 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 times more expensive that those parts that your customers have manufactured by third party machine shops?

Have you lost spare parts sales business over the last years even so your new machine sales went up drastically? Or did your spare parts sales stagnate over the last years, even so the cost of parts increased at the same time by up to 60% (exchange rate fluctuations etc.)?

Have you ever felt annoyed that your parent company does not understand the need for fast service (spare parts supply) to American clients?

  • Or did you ever hear from your parent company that your customer should be more of a partner when you can’t deliver their urgently needed parts ?
  • Or why you can’t control your customer in his time for urgently needed spare parts?

Did you ever loose a customer because they were fed up over long delivery times of simple spare parts while their machine was down?

  • Every initial machine sale lost also looses the follow up spare parts sales.
  • Every machine sale lost is a loss in technical service calls.
  • Every machine sale lost will make it so much more difficult to sell the next machine to that customer.

Have you ever been informed by your parent company that they just reduced their spare parts inventory to streamline their accounting books? Not only does this balance books but it also makes it so much more difficult for you to deliver parts to your clients.

If you can answer only one of these questions with Yes than you should consider having your precise mechanical parts made by Colinear Machine & Design Inc. Colinear manufactures high precision parts of and for European and Asian machine manufacturers.