Complete CVC Solid Dosage Bottling Line


Complete Solid dosage bottling line by CVC. At present still installed and functional. Equipment included:

  • CVC Unscrambler
  • CVC/Cremer Counter Dual Head 
  • Bottomless Conveyor
  • Mettler Toledo Check Weigher
  • CVC Cottoner
  • CVC 8 Spindle Capper
  • Pillar Induction Sealer
  • Kaps-All 4 Spindel Re-Torquer
  • CVC 302 Labeler with Vision System
  • ACG Vision Inspection System
  • Pharma Pack Outserter
  • Rotary Buffer Table
  • Secondary ACG Vision Inspection Table
  • Rotary Accumulation Table
  • Pack Table
  • ACG Hawkeye Vision System to verify number of bottles in case
  • Tape Sealer

 Last used in pharmaceutical packaging

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