Dixie Union Uni-slicer


Dixie union "Uni-Slicer" (Reiser) fully automatic slicer, serial # 450. 2117. All stainless steel food grade construction, flexible unit for slicing a wide variety of products and portion patterns, manual product loading, easy changeover from one product to another by means of grippers and changing the program, portion patterns stored for every program, maximum speed 600 cuts per minute, minimum speed 50 cuts per minute, 420 mm diameter circular blade, maximum cross cutting section 135 x 220 mm, maximum product length 800 mm, 0. 4 -50 mm slice thickness, maximum blade speed 600 rpm, 380 x 1016 mm product loading chamber, 350 mm w x 2430 mm l discharge conveyor, all ss with adjustable leveling feet, wired for 230 volt/3 phase service, 50/60 HZ, 16 amp, 6 kw power consumption, software version 9, new in 2001. Includes original manual.

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