Natoli NP-250 Tablet Press

Natoli NP-250 Tablet Press

16 station "D" tooling tablet press.  Manufacturer:  Natoli Engineering.  Model:  NP-250.   Electroless nickel plating above die table.  Llexan turret guards, turret mounted with upper and lower tapered bearings,  hardened steel die table,  machine pallet with anti-vibration leveling pads,  adjustable upper punch penetration,  10 tons of compression force,  clutchless variable frequency drive,  digital tpm gauge 16 station rated at: 120-800tablets per minute.   Tooling size: 1 inch (25.4 mm).  Max. Tablet diameter: 15/16" (23.8 mm).  Depth of fill: 13/16" (20.6 mm).  Max. Operating pressure: 10 tons.  Motor: 7.5 HP @ 1,800 r.p.m.

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