Stokes BB2 27 station


Used, 27 station rotary tablet press. Manufacturer: Stokes. Model BB2. 27
stations for "B" tooling, four ton rated compression, maximum depth of fill 11/16", 5/8" maximum diameter compact, standard die diameter 1 3/16", 750 to 1400 tpm keyed upper head, complete set of die lock screws, 3 horsepower "washguard" drive by lesson, 208-230/460/3 phase voltage @ 1770 rpm, variable belt and pulley allows press to run @ variable speed from front hand wheel adjustment, manually operated clutch engages and disengages tablet press movement, hinged upper fiberglass guards, steel surfaces refinished in "steel it" finish, mounted on heavy plate base. Net wet 2k lbs. Formerly used in generic pharmaceutical production. One feed frame and one hopper is missing.

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