Uhlmann Top Load Case Packer E4010T

Uhlmann Top Load Case Packer E4010T

Used Uhlmann Top Load Case Packer E4010T

OEM Description:

  • easy-to-clean construction
    - low-maintenance construction with lifetime lubrication
    - easy format change
    - horizontally arranged blank magazine, length = 800 mm, adjustable for different case sizes, incl. empty-magazine signal
    - automatic blank feeding by means of driven belts
    - case removal from the magazine equipped with vacuum cups, motor-driven removal motion
    - case unfolding by means of vacuum suction
    - case filling by means of Gantry system with two servo drives
    - case transportation by means of synchronous vertical belts, case width adjustable via spindle
    - variable format adjustment for different case sizes
    - sealing station for bottom and lid flaps
    - protective enclosure made of polycarbonate
    - machine adjusted to one size
    - switch box on the machine
    - Schneider Pac Drive 3
    - jam control at discharge
    - automatic re-start
    - emergency stop switch by Jokab Safety
    - door safety switch by Schmersal, type MZM 100 B, with integrated permanent magnet
    - line emergency stop
    - stacking lamp with 4 colors


Preparation to integrate the 3rd Party labeler for label application, consisting of:
- 230 V socket for voltage supply
- integration of labeler into the machine control
system, incl. signal exchange via potential-free contact
- start light barrier for labeler can be adjusted via negative edge
(Labeler will be provided by 3rd party)

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