Uhlmann UPS4 Blister Packaging Machine


Ulhmann UPS 4 ET Blister Machine.  Year 1992 Mach # 343.  Thermoform and Cold Form Fitted.   Forming Station With Plug Assist Cylinder.   Sealing  Die  Station.   Perforation Die Station.   Pack Punch Out Die Station.  Scrap Chopper.  Scanware Vision System Serial # 2012000301060.   Universal Brush Box Feeder Variable Speed  3 Motors and control.   Product Vibratory Bowl.  Large Cooling Chiller.   Gemel II Dedicated Feeder System With Controls.   Gostcho Printer # 812-11.   End Conveyor.   Machine Width 284mm x 220mm advance.   Electric Power 415/240V + N50 Hz  32A

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