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"Colinear specializes in the difficult to make parts that other machine shop shy away from !"

Many of Colinears customers are original manufacturers of machinery. Colinear components are the vital parts that ensure the worry free function of their precision machinery. Colinear specializes also in supplying high precision components for Representatives of foreign manufacturers of machinery. Exchange rates, labor costs and shipping expenses are responsible for excessively expensive spare parts of European and Japanese OEMs doing business in the US. Colinear has helped many such companies to be competitive again by supplying "original" OEM spare parts made in the US.

Fast delivery times of parts. The delivery time of Colinear parts is a fraction of that of the ones supplied from abroad. Even delivery time of customized parts is a fraction of that of OEM parts. With engineering and computerized drafting capabilities Colinear does custom design of parts for specific customer needs. Colinear is specializing in Metric tolerances and dimensions which allows for more precise tolerances and avoids misunderstandings since conversions of different standard are not necessary. Use of original quality materials. Colinear uses the exact material specifications as the OEM parts.

Other manufacturers might only use the next best quality available. Raw material are even custom ordered if required. Quality. Product quality and adherence to tolerances is as tight as that of OEM parts. OEM manufacturers have approved Colinear precision parts so that they might be used in their machinery and labeled as an original part.

Manufacturing of high precision parts without OEM parts drawings. Simply supply an original part to be copied. There is no need to wait for delivery of OEM drawings.